Refund Delay – It is taking a whole month! BECU SUCKS

As you know, I created with website over a horrible experience I had many years ago. Behind my back, they reported me to the banking blacklist website known as ChexSystems. You can read my story about (The Boeing Employees Credit Union). The company is ran by CEO J Benson Porter.

On January 27th 2020, we recieved another complaint about the company and their business practices. Her complaint about BECU is as follows, “I made a bill payment from my BECU checking account on 12/31/19. They promised a refund because it did not go through. We have called over 10 times for the status. Not kidding, each time we were told that it usually takes 2 to 3 business days, and today is 1/27/20, and still no refund. My father’s funeral is today out of state. We could not go because we need this money to travel. Words cannot express how I despise them for giving false information and withholding our money. The next website I visit today is the Better Business Bureau. I have had enough of their poor and nonchalant way of handling our concerns- unprofessionalism at it’s finest!

The complaint against BECU was from a visitor of this website. Clearly, she discusses her payment and claims BECU owes or (and agreed to refund her) in 2 to 3 days. Now it has been 10 days!!! The fact that this bank will lie about a refund and lied to me shows the this bank could be a scamming people and delaying funds owed to customers.

This isn’t the first problem with, they’ve been in trouble in the past and you need to be aware of this. Only a few years ago their company name and brand was “The Boeing Employee Credit Union” and now they exclusively have shortened that to just “BECU”. So why you ask? In my opinion, it was because they were involved with a class action lawsuit that claimed they were overcharging customers with overdraft fees and it was considered misleading. Here is the official complaint should you wish to read it.

Photo: Class Action Document (Seattle, Washington). Company CEO Benson Porter

The bank got sued in a big class action and then changes their name to reduce the damage to their reputation. From my experience and the customer above who can’t get her refund, this BECU sucks and their bad practices must be stopped. Banking customers must be aware of their past errors and hopefully become educated now before they get ripped off like us.