BECU = 27 Complaints In 12 Months – BBB Says

According the BBB, BECU recieved a total of 57 complaints in the last 3 years and of those 23 were closed in the last 12 months. How do they still have an A+ Rating? Because they paid off the BBB. It is a common practice of the BBB “Pay to Play” scheme.

The complaints continue about and honestly they have a lot. According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), The credit union has received 27 in the last 12 months. They also got 57 in the last 3 years according the the BBB. This of course, comes from the BBB who regularly sells a membership for a better rating. How a company gets 27 complaints about their products and billing and still has a A+ rating tells you a lot right there. Looking over the complaints on the website and it does appear that BECU does respond to most complaints and I guess that does factor into a rating…. but an A+ is a joke. BBB has been accused of running a “pay to play” system in the past by ABCNews. In the article it talks about how a they setup a fake company called Hamas (the Terror group) and paid $495 to get a A- showing the BBB will favor it’s paying members even if they get a lot of complaints. I’m not saying that is true or not but that is my understanding of the system of BBB. It is fishy that BECU would have such a high rating – perhaps a B or B+ would be better considering the number of complaints they got and how they resolved them.

BECU has an average of 23 reviews that average 1 star which is horrible. Yet, by paying the BBB they still can have an A+ rating? I’m not entirely sure what is happening here except they shouldn’t have an A+ Rating based on these complaints.

The CEO Benson Porter should really lookin into the issue and figure out what is happening here. BECU is supposed to be this honest and community loving non profit – so how are they manipulating the system the get a better rating then they deserve?

Hey you have a complaint against BECU? Let us know your review or story and we’ll get it posted. It won’t be fake news like the “Pay to Play” reviews and credit system the BBB allows.