BECU Credit Union Not Afraid To Sue You!

BECU is suing their customers and not afraid to sue you. Provided by Pierce County Superior Court Civil website. Washington State.

If you think this community based local “for the community” non profit business will not sue you then you are completely wrong. All cases are different, however, it is a fact according to the public records that they will infact sue you swiftly. I looked up lawsuits related to the company and iI am including those in this post. In most cases they are the plaintiff. These cases were just for Pierce County so if you’re in any other county – it is not included in the photo of cases.

I quickly scrolled through some of the cases and from the ones I looked at, BECU won be default. Basically, the other party didn’t show up so they won automatically. There are cases of garnishment of their customers where they successfully take cash out of their checking accounts. People that needed that money to pay their rent, cars, or feed their baby. Collection is common in these cases. was heartless it appears from these lawsuits and they were initiated from BECU. All the cases were found from the public Pierce County Superior Court Civil websites.

It is sad that their members believe this non profit is here to help them and help community. Customers come to them because they believe this company is actually helping the community and it appears they just let everyone down. This company has billions of dollars and yet this non profit continues to protray that image of helping their members and community. I’ve been a customer and know from my experience they are backstabbing and ripped me off by adding me to the banking blacklist. Didn’t even tell me until I tried to open an account at another bank and was denied in embarrassment. Do they care? Hell no! You get sued and all your money is garnished. Tell it to these people who have been sued by them and had their hard earned money taken from their checking accounts. Money that was being used for their rent bill or light bill. All those single moms trying to feed their kids. From the many cases documented above it shows BECU doesn’t really care or wants to hear about it. They will be the first inline to sue you, get a default judgement, and take your money all in the name of the law.

Have you been wronged, faced harassment, or garnishment? Tell us your story as a customer.