BECU Headquarters Tukwila

Let’s take a look at the BECU headquarters location in Tukwila Washington. I’m sure this small community non-profit credit union uses their revenue to give back to the community? Well you’re wrong! BECU says those things to help with their branding and marketing, however, the truth is this company makes tons of money off of their customers. In fact, their 1.2 million members have generated a massive $26.8 Billion in assets according to Wikipedia. They do donate here and there to the homeless or sponsor events, however, that hardly puts a dent in the massive $26.8 billion they are hoarding.

Their Tukwila location looks massive. I haven’t personally been to the location, however, it appears impressive according to the photos on Google. This building shouldn’t belong to a community credit union that is non-profit. We all know that is all smoke in mirrors as BECU operates more as a corporation for profit. Their CEO, J Benson Porter (John Benson Porter) makes well into the six figures. He’s been around the financial community for a long time and has it all figured out. Being an ex-member of myself, I can personally tell you that some of their banking practices are shady. For instance, if you have an issue and they don’t agree, you should be very careful. Behind the scenes, they can blacklist you from all the local banks without your knowledge. You only discover this when you try to open an account and you’re turned down. It’s almost like the Mob controlling these places. That is exactly what happened to me and I am the victim here. So this website was created to warn others and make them aware of BECU. The credit union has a long history of shady activities I found including a class action involving NSF fees, lawsuits against their members, and an ADA lawsuit involving the blind community. They have a massive amount of negative reviews related to their Online APP not working and dissatisfied customers.

Let’s talk about the BECU headquarters location with some photos.

BECU Headquarters outside located in Tukwila, Washington. Photo provided by address is 12770 Gateway Dr S, Tukwila, WA 98168. Massive building for a little community non-profit? What a ripoff bank in my opinion. Stay away from this bank if you want customer service or care about your money.
When you walk in, you can have some cheap coffee at the BECU Tukwila location. Professional seating obviously spent a lot of money for this place that is completely empty. Never been here but not seeing much help available here. headquarters is huge and looks like they are spending a lot money to have it but not much for the community in my opinion. The photos make this place look boring.
Down the hall of the Tukwila headquarters location you run into the help area. Nobody here but maybe it was their day off. has a long history of lawsuits and class action issues. Probably why they changed their brand name from The Boeing Credit Union in my opinion.
Down the other hall you have the BECU information desk at their Tukwila, WA location. From the Google photos you can tell these guys are spending all your money on themselves for a nice place. Nobody working today at headquarters when these photos were taken.

So there you have it. The BECU headquarter location and address at 12770 Gateway Dr S, Tukwila, WA 98168 is massive and not really helpful. With that being said, continues to disappoint me and I would never use them for anything. Take it from me who was a victim of them, stay far away and go to a real bank with tellers. All of this is from my experience to do your own due diligence about the company. My criticism is honest from experience.