Failure Partnership: and MX Partners

MX Partners and in a joint announcement said they were working together on a “Quick Save” app for it’s members. The news was surprising to me because as you know BECU has a CEO lying about his real name and a company that uses ripoff tactics against its members. As you know, I was a victim of this where they blacklisted me from all banks so I couldn’t open a simple checking account anywhere in the country. I was actually denied because of them. Why a company like MX Partners would want to work with this company is beyond me since BECU has such a bad reputation and engages in this practice. From what I understand the app allows you to save your change in your savings account at With that being said, Acorns started this so basically the app is a knockoff of the Acorns app. Nothing new here. BECU has a long history of just taking advantage of people in my opinion. You can look up all the court records and people they have sued a long the way. Many members of been victims of this ripoff BECU company and the record shows that online. Not only the public court records but the many negative reviews about BECU and how they operate. That has been my experience as well.

If I had a company, I certainly wouldn’t want to be connected to BECU or anyone associated with J Benson Porter who’s real name is John Benson Porter. He sometimes goes by just Benson Porter like on his LinkedIn. He isn’t very open about his identity probably because of the shady practices in place at the bank and they must have been approved by him at some point working there. That is just my opinion, however.

MX Partners ( made a big mistake working with but time will tell how this turns out or who BECU will ripoff next like me and many others.

BECU CEO John Benson Porter. Working with as a partnership but has such a bad reputation and negative history against its members like myself who was blacklisted. Never do business with them they are a ripoff in my opinion.