BECU Banking APP…. Is Garbage

I remember when I used to bank at BECU. I was first really impressed to find a bank that offers free banking. It was a time when a lot of the other banks didn’t offer free checking. That of course has changed now because just about every bank on the planet is free and you have so many other digital banking options as well that are free.

I’ve read this before from the customers at BECU who say their banking App just doesn’t work properly. People can deposit from the app and it is finicky. While I don’t believe the customer is always right, it is a concern when a wide variety of customers are complaining about it. They are trying to deposit their checks from work and the app simply fails on them. They then try to go into a location and nobody is working. They become angry because they realize just then what you get when you get free banking from a billion dollar non profit – nothing and their services are garbage. You get what you pay for. They don’t care because they work on the volume of customers and you’re just another number to them.

Here is complaint about the BECU banking app someone posted on Reddit. It is similar to my experience with them and using the app.

BECU Banking App doesn’t work and people are complaining. This review was in 2004 and it was garbage when I was a customer a while ago as well.

There you have it folks I have said many things I didn’t like about this credit union when I was a customer and it continues to ripoff to many others still there. I feel bad for them because they were used into signing up for an account at only to find out later they are garbage. They have lawsuits, complaints, and a “non profit” that makes billions of dollars only to contribute little to nothing to the community. Do yourself a favor and open a free account at a new banking branch where they actually have a teller inside a building who can help you.