CEO Retiring Because He Failed

The fearless leader of will be retiring at the end of the year. J Benson Porter which is a fake name has done nothing for its customers in my opinion and his failures have been expressed on this website over and over again. The fact that BECU was using a fake name for the CEO should tell you a lot. The media and news feeds into his lying as well. The website doesn’t display his full name. His real name is John Benson Porter but he often goes by just Benson.

Their fake CEO has caused great damage to their customers including myself. You can view all the lawsuits against them, class action, or discrimination complaints. I’ve expressed my issues about how they blacklisted me from the banking industry because we had an argument. This was done without notification. In my opinon, the credit union is one of the worst in town.

His retirement is very suspicious due to how his procedures have really impacted the reputation of BECU. He has been horrible for the company in my opinion and really the community by not being honest. The whole slogan of BECU trying to be a community bank that is non profit is very comical. They bring in billions and yet give very little back to the community from what I’ve seen. It’s all a ripoff to make you feel comfortable in their brand but behind the scenes just making bank. Far from a non-profit they claim to be.

The news the CEO will be retiring is good news for everyone. Hopefully, the next one will be more honest and we will be sure to look at him/her carefully and report it on here accurately.

Where does BECU go from here with no CEO? I suspect they will continue to run their operation poorly and will continue to spew their fake name CEO lies. in my opinion and from personal experience are not honest. Their CEO Benson Porter has implemented bad policies. I would never bank at BECU and you shouldn’t either. Don’t get a home loan or a BECU Visa with them. Run and go to a real bank. You can read how on this website.