BECU Has A Rude Employee

BECU Rude Employee complaint by a customer of Didn’t release the funds of the customer for over a week after it was deposited into new checking account.

I’m sure they have many rude employees but this one in particular is represented in this complaint by one of their customers. I know firsthand about their customer service and how their employees are. I’ve experienced it and it is one of the reason this website was created. It’s not fair a bank can do whatever they want including blacklist me and then think I won’t share my review with their services. The same is true for other customers like the one in this complaint.

The customer says they experienced an issue with the BECU about a check from his/her employer and the credit union decided to put a hold on the funds for 5+ days. They tried to call the bank and the staff basically said there was not way they could assist with the issue. To make things even worse the employee was extremely rude to this customer and added a “note” this the account (whatever that means). Maybe a warning to other employees

I’ve said it countless times with this credit union and basically they don’t care about you nor your needs in my opinion. If you make a complaint they will probably blacklist you from all the banks in your town. Management doesn’t care. Executives who manage the bank don’t care either. You think the CEO Benson Porter cares about any of these issues? I haven’t seen him do anything except collect a big fat salary. He knows about his rude employees and fails to take any action or manage this company properly. A failure of a CEO in my opinon from my experience and from what I have seen.