– Security Officer Sean Murphy FAILS To Understand

There was a recent blog post on talking about and it provided tips from their cybersecurity office Sean Murphy. I will tell you now that I don’t know Sean Murphy and I’m sure he is just doing his job. With that being said, talking about safety measures and cybersecurity and BECU is a joke. BECU has a long record of not caring about their customers or how to talk to them when something goes wrong with their money. I’ve expressed this several times on this website, BECU didn’t care about me, my money, and even blacklisted me from using pretty much all banking companies. I was denied at several because my arguments and criticism of They didn’t care or inform me they were going to take this action against me. BECU has been involved with many lawsuits that are published on this website and a class action as well. They’ve changed their name to make themselves look better over the settlement.

If Sean Murphy wants to try to convince the American people about being safe with banking and cybersecurity, the first piece of advice should be to avoid BECU completely. The tips and advice mean nothing coming from a company that engages in bad banking practices. Take it from me, a person who has experienced it first hand. They are crooked and if you use them there is a chance you’ll experience that as well.

The post on the Seatac Blog website was a paid post so BECU basically paid the website owner to post their garbage advice to spin their horrible narrative or being a “community bank”. It’s total garbage if you look at how much they actually help and how much actually goes into their pockets.

CEO John Benson Porter who goes by the alias J Benson Porter or just Benson Porter on some occasions says a lot about their leadership and honesty. They are liars. The CEO doesn’t use this real name. President and Leader – John Benson Porter who doesn’t really use his real name sometimes he goes by J Benson Porter or just Benson Porter. Can’t trust a person who doesn’t use their real name in business.

The best cybersecurity advice you can get is to just stay away from this company and don’t give them your personal information. If your business relationship with them doesn’t work out, who knows what will happen to your records or if you’ll even be able to open another checking account at another bank because they all work together and stick together.

If you see this fake community bank trying to help you or give you advice, run for the hills and do business with a larger bank that has a public stock and a corporate responsibility.