J. Benson Porter CEO – Lies About His Real Name

Would you use a company where the CEO uses a fake name? Well let me introduce you to the CEO of BECU J. Benson Porter. This guy is masking his real name and why would a creditable organization allow this? I’m not sure why but maybe their company has a lot of complaints and uses his fake name to camouflage his identity. We were notified by a user who visited our website that this was happening and this person also mentioned that we should “Watch our back” because this company is bad news. The name J. Benson Porter doesn’t show up at WSBA or the Washington State Voters Database.

J. Benson Porter’s real name is John Benson Porter. This information isn’t really a secret. It was found publicly on the Internet. So why does BECU just use his real name on try to hide it. His first name isn’t Benson – it is John. The use of a manipulated name (or fake) is just tricking your customers and not honest. As you know, this website is all about that. I’ve had a horrible experience with them and people should be aware about this company. Their banking practices are not honorable in my opinion (from my experience).

John Benson Porter a Democrat. In December 2015, he donated $1000 to Denny Heck For Congress.

Denny Heck voted to impeach President Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors. Denny Heck is involved with several financial committees in congress. He is also involved with financial oversight, investigations, and consumer debt. It makes sense that the BECU CEO would be paying this guy some cash since BECU is in the banking business. John Benson Porter wasn’t the only cash supporter. One of Denny Hick’s biggest contributions came from the Credit Union National Association.

CEO John Benson Porter is also a lobbyist in the finance industry according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Committee.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you at this point. J. Benson Porter is actually John Benson Porter don’t get it confused when he uses the fake name on the BECU website and the many public records about the company.

So there you have it folks the truth. J. Benson Porter isn’t his real name and they lie about it on the BECU.org website and public documents. His real name is John Benson Porter so take note and hopefully the company will start using his real name instead of the lies being published.

John Benson Porter The CEO of BECU
John Benson Porter The CEO of BECU not to be confused by J. Benson Porter which is a fake name.