Beverly Anderson Troubling Past At Equifax

It was announced November 10, 2022, that Beverly Anderson would be taking over the role of President and CEO of BECU. The local credit union here in Washington State and long history of bad policies and bad leadership. You can read many of them on this website that shares their ripoff company and past failures from my personal experience and others who have shared.

Beverly Anderson is a career financial woman. She came from Equifax. You know the credit union that makes you keep getting more and more credit to even function in society. The same company keeping many people from getting apartments and trying to live their lives with nothing except living paycheck to paycheck. Beverly Anderson was the President of Global Consumer Solutions at Equifax. You would think that would be a huge red flag before hiring considering her involvement but of course not because this is BECU. Nonetheless, Equifax got into a little trouble during “the infestation period of 2021” and she provided written testimony regarding all the complaints about the reporting agency. She was in a leadership position while the complaints were pouring in. They were coming in so fast year after year that they were up 54%. You can read about it here:

Beverly Anderson talking with Congress about all the complaints with Equifax.

It is your typical garbage testimony that is for show and really doesn’t talk or fix anything. The usual fluff by leadership and Beverly Anderson.

Anyone that knows anything about Equifax knows all their failures like the data breach of 147 million people and how Equifax paid $575 million dollars for the mistakes. Of course, the people who were really impacted got very little to none of that.

If really wanted to hire someone that represents the community, this wasn’t the best choice. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She has a long history of working the financial system and knows about the stick it to us all. I personally don’t expect anything to change at BECU and so far over the last 4 months, she has done very little that has been highlighted in the news except for being hired.

The last CEO, J Benson Porter, who used a fake name his whole career at BECU (real name John), decided to retire. He was a complete failure for the company from my experience. Again, career financial person who really didn’t help the community except grow BECU’s assets to billions of dollars. He was part of policy that banned people from banking if they challenged their policy or staff and didn’t even tell them.

So far, in my opinion, Beverly Anderson appears to be on the same path of pushing this fake non-profit while they sit on billions of dollars. Her work with Equifax was clearly a disaster and a complete failure.

Being a customer of BECU at one point and having first-hand experience, that is my opinion but time will tell.

Beverly Anderson hired as President and CEO at after failure at Equifax.

Why would you hire her to represent your company after the failure at Equifax and Expedia? It appears like a serious mistake at BECU but you can add this to the list of other mistakes about this company and its behavior.