Non Profit Has Been Sued For Discrimination

It is a known fact, BECU has been sued for Discrimination in the past and had their fair share a legal and lawsuit issues in Washington State. Doesn’t appear employees are protected very well.

In 2004, it is public record that BECU was sued by an employee who claimed she was discriminated. From the document I read online, she claimed that violated her rights under chapter 49.60 RCW, the Washington Law against Discrimination (WLAD). She felt she was terminated on the basis of her race, national origin, sex, and or age. Lastely, she felt The Boeing Employee Credit Union harassed her in violation of the WLAD. You can read the specific article on – Domingo v. Boeing Employee Credit Union (also known as BECU). The case was heard and ruled in favor of BECU. The non-profit community bank was denied court fees, however.

I have had my issues with this bank obviously that is the reason for this website and to honestly give people a voice over a big company that really doesn’t do much for the community except collect the tax benefits of being a “non-profit” community credit union. That is just my opinion maybe I am missing their work, I just haven’t seen anything. Their CEO isn’t out their providing food or even helping during the Coronavirus and that says a lot of J Benson Porter and how much he cares about the community.

BECU has had their fair share of legal and lawsuit issues. They’ve been sued for overcharging customers and had a class action related to overdraft fees. You can Google it – it is all over the Internet. This company isn’t as innocent as they protray on television. It is funny how this non-profit does collects over $17 billion in revenue and assests from their 1 million customers. That sounds like a company doing some concerning activities to abuse the system and not pay their fair share. From my experience, they are quick to damage your banking credit like myself and don’t really care about their customers when the time comes.

Did you know The Boeing Employee Credit Union changed their name to BECU? Maybe it was a legitimate change or was it done to hide all the legal damages and lawsuits associated with the old name. No body will know unless their fearless leader Benson Porter speaks up.

You have something to add to this website about your experience? What is your criticism about this company and why?

2017 had over $17 billion in revenue and assests. This company doesn’t even really help the communities from what I have seen online. Yet, they are a non profit.