Hope you find these resources about Ripoff useful in your research. My experience was horrible and I hope others don’t have to go through this. I’ve used the BECU credit union for many years, but recently changed my mind due to their secretive nature of trying to damage my credit reputation. I also learned their CEO is using a fake name and I personally just don’t trust people like that. It is my belief that people who use a fake name are hiding something and are not honest people. They wrecked my credit without my knowledge and now I feel that the members of the BECU credit union should be aware of their bad practices. This is a criticism website based on my experience using their banking solutions. I allow others to post their reviews as well if I feel the review is genuine. This website doesn’t accept advertising nor does it collect any revenue. This website was created as a public service so the community is aware of the bad banking practices. It is a criticism and review website and all visitors are welcome to post their experiences.

Recent Updates:

BECU has 27 complaints in the last 12 months says BBB – We review the credit union’s BBB score and how it appears they are manipulating their A+ score. Obviously, if you have a lot of complaints about your business then you shouldn’t have a perfect score right? Turns out if you pay the BBB and become a yearly member then your business score becomes perfect. That is not my opinion, it is the opinion of many business owners and others users of the BBB who have posted it on the Internet.

BECU Banking App is Garbage – Review – We discuss the BECU banking App and how other customers are complaining about it. It has been broken a long time and they don’t really care about fixing it. Many customers have reported having issues with the deposit feature for many years. Not sure if they don’t care or not smart enough to fix it.

Refund Delay – It is taking a whole month! BECU SUCKS – Customer provide a review of the credit union to us and we posted their experience. BECU was promising a refund but they just kept on delaying the refund in a time when it was really needed by the customer.

BECU Has Failed To Help During The CoronaVirus – We’ve been looking for things the credit union has been doing to help during the CoronaVirus and it appears not much. This may have changed now but while it was written there wasn’t much effort by this non profit community credit union. They are just about collecting billions of dollars from their members and continuing overpaying their CEO J Benson Porter.

Employee Sues BECU For Discrimination – Not First legal Trouble – The credit union has a lot of legal issues over the years and we’re providing those documents to the public so everything is transparent. They are not afraid to foreclose on your home, repo your car, or charge you fees without your knowledge (class action lawsuit). In this case, the complaint was about the discrimination of an employee.

A BECU Employee filed a lawsuit for discrimination.

BECU Credit Union Not Afraid To Sue You In Washington State – If you live in Washington State and use a local BECU credit union, you should be aware of all the legal action they take against their members. They get a lot of default judgments against their members only to find out the money is missing from their checking accounts in garnishments.