Ignored The Facts And Took No Action

BECU Customer Service is a failure according to this complaint. They ignored the facts and took no action to fix the problem.

The customer complains to BECU about a fraudulent scam on his/her account. Even with a police report the bank ignored the forgery activity and didn’t take action to remedy the issue. Many customers I’m sure have similar stories. It doesn’t matter if you have a checking account, mortgage, or car loan. Every aspect appears to be failure with this company in my opinion. We’ve seen all the lawsuits BECU files against their customers and wins by default judgement and this complaint is just another one.

Why would you ever use this credit union for managing your money? Complaints about them holding funds, checks, and not returning or crediting customer accounts is a real problem. There are a lot of complaints about these issues all over the Internet and yet people are not aware. They’ve faced class action lawsuit about hidden fees yet the failures continue in our communities. Take the time and educate yourself about this business. The fact that they have a BBB A+ rating with all the negative complaints about them is beyond me.

If you’ve been wronged by this credit union like me and many others make sure your share it with us. You can read my story about Becu.org credit union and how they ripped me off.

BECU Executive Team Members
The BECU Executive Team Members will not help you with your banking concerns so read the many complaints and send us your story.