BECU Has FAILED To Help During the CoronaVirus.

BECU has failed you during the CoronaVirus Crisis. CEO Benson Porter let us all down

It is tough times these days. We are all quarantined in our homes and some are in need of serious help. Many of us have lost our jobs and have no financial opportunities. Some people can’t afford food for their children or pay that next car/house payment.

I have shared my ripoff experience with In my experience they portray being a company that helps the community but as you can see – they are doing absolutely nothing to help their members or even one community member. They are supposed to be your local community credit union that focuses on the community. A non-profit for the community that really cares about its community and their credit union members. This again just shows their failure as a company and just how much they will rip you off as they did to me. I haven’t seen any messaging from the BECU CEO Benson Porter either. When it really matters in peoples lives he fails again with the company he represents.

You would think they would make a donation to feed the children or perhaps call you to extend your next car/house payment but obviously they don’t really care about you or the community. Being actionable says a lot about who people are and what their company believes in. Only thing BECU has done is close down their branches with even more little to no banking support. They now encourage you to “make an appointment”. Have they even bleached their ATMs so they are safe? I highly doubt it. Have they donated even 1 can of noodles to the food bank? I highly doubt it. They are worthless in my opinion and during this time when help is really needed by so many families, it appears they are doing nothing to provide help to the community.

If you’re considering this “community credit union”, you may want to reconsider and join another bank instead. I’ve shared my story on how they ripped me off without my knowledge and I would hate to have that happen to you. The last thing you want from a community bank is one that doesn’t really do what they say, like helping the community, but also will stab you in the back while wrecking your banking credit. This is my opinion and honest criticism of their services.

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