BECU Fails To Credit My Card gets a complaint from a customer about how they failed to credit their account. They claim the credit union has been unable or unwilling to fix the problem.

I understand a lot of my visitors may have a lot of issues with Why else would you be here? The complaint above is from one of their customers and it appears BECU has failed to resolve their matter. We don’t know all the details from the complaint but it appears a credit was to be returned to the customers Visa card and the company is unwilling to provide that. The customer provided evidence to correct the matter.

I know when I was a “member” of the credit union and had to call them it was a horrible experience. It actually turned into an argument about their business practices and how they failed to do their jobs. It was completely their failure in my case and I felt it wasn’t my job to do their job unless they hired me and paid my hourly rate to fix all their issues. Unfortunately, I am not sure I can fix stupid in their company so we parted ways.

I’ve shared my review about how I was ripped off by and it turns out they were angry over the call as well. Turns out they put me on the banking blacklist. The blacklist is a system that all the banks use (nearly all) and it allows the new bank to crosscheck your history. If anything comes up, you’ll be denied an account. It doesn’t matter what your side of the story is or if you have a lawsuit against them or even if you have a million dollars to deposit. You’ll be denied because all the banks work together and rely on the blacklist credit system called ChexSystems.

Customer service isn’t something really important to BECU it appears and if you make them made – you maybe added to the blacklist just like me. This banking blacklist mark also doesn’t show up on the credit bureaus so you’ll never know unless you apply for a new account at a bank. Oh and good luck proving your innocence with ChexSystem because actually talking to someone is as horrible as BECU.

The complaint above is another example of this ripoff company They fail in just about every category of service. This customer never did get it worked out as noted from their complaint. It was actually credited eventually by Visa and not BECU because they were not willing to help.

If you care about your credit and banking needs you may want to consider going to another bank. Perhaps a bank with a teller who also offers free checking. Share your complaints with us about BECU so others will be aware of their behavior.